Personal Chef Now's Free Crash Course is up!

Are you looking to make a career out of your passion for food?  Would you like the independence of running your own business?  If so, we've just launched a short Crash Course where you can learn about:

  • Branding and your client
  • Pricing
  • Getting your first client
  • Planning your cook date

Let Chef Bonnie Goodman show you why it's a great time to become a personal chef. Throughout her career as a personal chef, Bonnie Goodman has mentored many personal chefs just starting out. New personal chefs continue to seek out Bonnie for her advice on marketing, services, and professional client service. 

In celebration of the launch of Personal Chef Now, we've decided to offer this course FREE to help people just starting out on their journey as a personal chef. We hope you enjoy the lessons and the included pricing worksheet.

Greg Goodman

Co-founder The Personal Chef Guide

Greg has over 30 years experience helping companies grow their business through technology in marketing. In 2008 Greg left the corporate world (his last position was Vice President of Web Marketing with Gateway Computers) to help small business owners realize their dreams. Greg is also a successful professional photographer and documentary film maker.

Greg has taken proven strategies in marketing, technology, and client service and applied them to the Personal Chef industry.