What color is the sky in your world?


So what is the color of the sky in your world?  Just like Cliff, we all see the world a little differently (some a little more so than others...). It's that uniqueness that makes us all successful.

10 minutes

I've already given you the big takeaway from this article (i.e. unique = success), but give me 10 more minutes and we can make it transformative for you. Let's spend the next 10 minutes understanding what type of personal chef you are. 

Let's get started!

How does your personality play into becoming a personal chef? By the way, there IS no correct personality for a personal chef. Anyone can become a personal chef if they just commit themselves to making it happen. So what is it about your personality and your way of doing things that can make you successful as a personal chef?

Before we can answer that, let's revisit Frazier's remark and just acknowledge that everyone is different. Having said that, would it be nice to know what your personality traits are?  

Let's Take a Test

To better understand your strengths as a personal chef, we need to first explore what makes you tick. Fortunately, there's a test that a mother and daughter research team created in 1942 that will help us. The Myers-Briggs test is used world wide to help people gain a better understanding of how they perceive the world (read more).

Take the Meyers Briggs test to determine what personality type you are. When you finish the test, come back and read about the characteristics of your type. You'll be surprised how spot-on it can be!

Here is the link to a free version of the test:


What did you learn about yourself?

Did some of the results ring true for you? Just remember, not one personality type is better than any other. They are just different. You may not agree with all of the findings but hopefully knowing your personality type may give you insight as to what type of Personal Chef you could be. 

You can see from the 16 personality types that each of us views the world differently. Combine our personality types with our culture and past experiences, we can see that each of us brings a totally different experience to realizing our dream of becoming a personal chef.

Take a look below and see how your personality type can influence the type of personal chef you could be.  For your convenience you can also get a PDF with the same information by clicking on the following button.


16 Personal Chef Personalities




ISTJ personal chefs takes pride in their work.  They are focused and are not afraid to put in the extra effort to get something done.  They choose practical solutions and respect the rules.  They are not a fan of ambiguity so they like to get the meal plan set well in advance of the cook date. Mutual respect is the cornerstone of their client relationship.  ISTJ personal chefs seek out dependable weekly clients and develop lasting relationships which create a stable cook date schedule.



Client's fall in love with  ISFJ personal chefs because they care most about their clients' happiness with their service.  They have a careful attention to detail and will always get the job done even if it only comes together at the last minute. Although they will never ask for praise they want their clients to appreciate their work as they take it very personally.  They will always work very hard to exceed expectations.  Often they have trouble saying no to the client because they do not want to disappoint.  



INFJ personal chefs, at their very core, want to make their client's lives better even if the client doesn't realize it.  They often will promote healthy lifestyles and work to provide peace of mind for their busy clients.  They will look for opportunities without compromising anyone in the process.  They will often become a confidant of the client providing emotional support when needed.  They will tend to avoid confrontation and choose to let go of abrasive clients because "life is to short."



The INTJ personal chef has a clear vision of success and a plan to get there. Sometimes, through, they may get bogged down in "analysis paralysis" as they try to see every angle. They are confident in front of the client and they will work extremely hard each cook date.  However, they will tend to get frustrated with clients that are ambiguous or vague. They prefer to work alone rather than relying on the work of others who may not have what it takes. The INTJ personal chef will continue to see new ways to expand the business and will get anxious if things get routine.



ISTP personal chefs learn as they go along. Their world is their oyster. They enjoy the independence that comes with owning their own business. They are comfortable with late menu change requests because they are confident that they can figure it out. They are more comfortable filling their schedule with one off events like catering. They work well under pressure and adapt well to surprises. They are less formal and appreciate a direct approach when working out issues. 



ISFP personal chefs see their work as their "craft" and each menu as their own personal creation. They are very passionate about their cooking and they are not afraid to fail in pursuit of excellence. They look to grow their business by finding opportunities to further their craft and not necessarily for financial gain. Often they will develop an "artisanal" brand that will attract clients looking for something new and hip. They are comfortable working in front of others which makes them ideal for entertainment events like cooking classes, catering and parties.  



INFP personal chefs definitely see the glass as half full. They pursue opportunities that can make peoples lives better over personal gain. Often, they will prefer to have only a few steady clients who they will form a deep bond with.  Their positive outlook on life is contagious and is one of the reasons that endears them to their clients. They prefer to be behind the scenes, but they are always there to support their clients with their service and as a friend. Many INFP personal chefs will look to blogging to talk about their passion for food and helping others.



INTP personal chefs look at their business as a creative outlet.  They are always looking for opportunities to distinguish themselves whether it's their brand or how they conduct a cook date. They are great problem solvers as they understand how everything fits together. The challenge is they may overthink a cook date issue when a simpler solution, although less elegant, can do the job. They are enthusiastic about new menu ideas, but they sometimes move too fast for the client who is just trying to keep up with the chef's train of thought.



ESTP personal chefs are the life of the party.  Although they command attention, their focus is on getting things done. They network like no one else. They are energetic and will often ask for forgiveness before they ask for permission. They are ready to step into difficult situations with very little notice. They tend to be very sensitive to the mood of the client and can adjust accordingly. When they see opportunities, they go for it, sometimes at the expense of other obligations or their own well being.



ESFP personal chefs are the first to step up and encourage others.  They are a great cheerleader for clients that are trying to eat healthier. They just make everyone feel better about themselves. For them, the performance (i.e. cook date) is just as important as the end result. They take pride in their work and love to interact with everyone else while they are putting the meals together. They are perfect for parties and classes where the guests want to be entertained by the chef. They are observant and know how to work the crowd so that everyone enjoys themselves.



ENFP personal chefs try to find meaning in everything they do.  They look for clients where they can make a true difference in their lives.  When faced with client challenges or their own, they first look at the bigger picture before acting. They are sensitive to the needs of others and form deep bonds with their clients. Clients also love them because they are naturally charismatic without being overpowering.  They look for creative ways to differentiate themselves and their service, but they will avoid short term marketing gimmicks.  



ENTP personal chefs love thinking about how to overcome challenges. They love to think through all of the angles to an issue. Sometimes they love thinking about a challenge more than actually resolving it. They will always have an amazing variety of menu options for the client. They are more likely to explore many different marketing strategies and market niches before they find a good fit. They are comfortable with ambiguity, as long as their clients are willing to take the time to talk about it.



ESTJ personal chefs set an example for professionalism and respect for each other, They are great at finding solutions while abiding by the rules. They appreciate clients who are straight forward and are willing to work together to solve problems. They are the first to acknowledge if they made a mistake, but the expect others to do the same. They tend to like the structure and predictability of the weekly meal service. ESTJ personal chefs are also a great resource to help clients organize their kitchens.



ESFJ personal chefs make many friends. They are naturally gregarious and live their life trying to do the right thing. They live for helping clients as long as they feel appreciated. They are genuinely interested in their clients lives and they will always make time to enjoy a chat with their clients. They are practical, so once they find a selection of dishes that work, they tend to stick with them.  ESFJ personal chefs are also great at teaching classes and catering parties where the guests want to feel welcomed.



ENFJ personal chefs live to help others. They are natural born leaders which make for great teachers. They are also the perfect motivators for clients that want to transform their lives (e.g. eating healthier). They are authentic and they are not afraid to say what is on their mind if they believe it will truly help someone. They will always believe the best in people.  Just like anyone else, they want recognition, but they are more than willing to earn it.



ENTJ personal chefs know what they want and will get there by sheer will.  ENTJ personal chefs prefer to suggest the menu to the client each week.  ENTJ's are great at taking on more complex and challenging services like catering and events. Although they may not spend much time sharing an emotional story with a client, they will always have the client's back. ENTJ personal chefs are always looking to grow their business. Just maintaining the status quo is seen as failing, to an ENTJ.


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