Enrollment for Becoming a Personal Chef is OPEN!

We started this project over 18 months ago and we are happy to announce that we've launched our flagship course, Becoming a Personal Chef.

Beta Program Details

You only have until July 10th to enroll in our “Beta Program.” We are looking for an enthusiastic group that is willing to work with us to make this course the best it can be.

For your participation and feedback during our Beta Program, we are offering the course at a discounted price of $350 for lifetime access. On July 10th, we will close enrollment as we begin to work with our students. Enrollment will reopen again this September at our regular price of $750. If you are interested in the discount I recommend enrolling now as we will not be offering discounts on this course again.

During the Beta Program, we want our students to progress through the course together, so we will be releasing one section each week. Each section (which we talk about below) will be anywhere from 7 to 13 lessons, so there is plenty of work to do. We don’t necessarily expect you to complete each section by the end of the week, but we thought this would keep most of you moving at the same pace.

We are designing all of our courses to encourage everyone to work together. We will be working closely with you as we also want to hear all your feedback on how we can improve this course over the coming months.

As part of the Beta Program, we will also be conducting 2 free webinars for the Beta participants. The webinars will not be offered as part of the regular program in September.

Quick Course Overview

If you haven’t checked out the curriculum on our course page, we’ve broken down the course into 4 stages:

VISION - Section 1 (7 lessons)

To get clients, you need to understand who they are and what you have to offer them. Learn about your target clients and define your personal chef brand.

DESIGN - Sections 2-4 (13 lessons)

What type of legal business entity are you going to be? What will your website look like? During design, you will structure your business, decide on services and pricing, and develop the content and design of your website.

LAUNCH - Sections 5 & 6 (9 lessons)

All you need now is your first client. You will spend time leading up to your launch developing your marketing plan and conducting trial cook dates. Once you launch, you will kickoff your promotional efforts that are tailored to getting your first client.

OPERATE - Sections 7 & 8 (9 lessons)

Once you get a client, you need to have all of your operational processes and policies in place including how to do menu prep, plan and conduct the cook date, and how to invoice your client.

Almost every lesson comes with a workbook and assignments. The workbook assignments will take you through all of the steps you need to launch and operate your personal chef business.

Enroll in the course and learn why now is the perfect time to Become a Personal Chef.

Greg Goodman

Co-founder The Personal Chef Guide

Greg has over 30 years experience helping companies grow their business through technology in marketing. In 2008 Greg left the corporate world (his last position was Vice President of Web Marketing with Gateway Computers) to help small business owners realize their dreams. Greg is also a successful professional photographer and documentary film maker.

Greg has taken proven strategies in marketing, technology, and client service and applied them to the Personal Chef industry.