You be you...

AUGUST 29, 2016

You be you…

In the United States this weekend, we celebrate Labor Day. For many, work is just a means to pay the rent. But for a few, work is much more fulfilling because you get to do what you love to do. 

It’s where YOU can be YOU.

In our discussions with Personal Chefs, we found that successful Personal Chefs share three common traits:

  • a love of food
  • a love of helping others
  • a commitment to making things happen

For those of you thinking about becoming a Personal Chef, do these three traits ring true for you, too?

A love of food

I think it's pretty much a given that a Personal Chef loves food. Of course, it goes deeper than that. Personal Chefs love how their food makes other people feel. The menu is their canvas, and they enjoy the challenge of coming up with dishes that will delight, as well as meet the dietary needs of their clients.

A love of helping others

Over time, a Personal Chef comes to understand that they have the ability to help make their client's lives fundamentally better. In the beginning, however, many Personal Chefs struggle with confidence. They question whether or not they have the experience, skill, knowledge, and professionalism to charge upwards of $300 or more for a cook date. 

In spite of all the doubts, they succeed because they have a fundamental desire to help others. 

These initial doubts are very helpful, because it forces the new Personal Chefs to try that much harder when they're just starting out. They are more attentive and eager to please. They want to prove to their clients that they have what it takes.

Commitment to make it happen

Successful Personal Chefs are not afraid of a challenge. They will do whatever is in their power to make things happen. If they fail, it will not be for lack of trying. It doesn't mean that they are not overwhelmed or stressed at times. They are just willing to put in the extra effort.

That is the fundamental challenge of running your own business. You get exactly what you put into it. If you decide to sleep in and put off attending a networking event, that's ok, but don't expect to get that first client any time soon. 

Running your own business is liberating, scary, joyful, frustrating, exhausting, and one of the most meaningful things you will ever do.

It will be stressful, but it can also be incredibly rewarding both financially and emotionally. People that become Personal Chefs embrace the journey. Making an income is important, but it's the freedom to let “YOU be YOU" while making a difference in your client's lives, that's at the core of being a Personal Chef.

So, for those of you celebrating Labor Day this weekend, challenge yourself - are you ready for a new and rewarding path where “YOU can be YOU?”

-Greg Goodman

Product Showcase

Each week we will bring to you a product that’s should be part of any Personal Chef’s kit. We do not have any affiliation with these vendors except that we actually use their products.

Something Old and something new

This week we showcase something old and something new from my kit. Whether I'm cooking at home or at a client's home, these are my go-to utensils in the kitchen.  Aside from my knife, it seems I'm always reaching for one of them.  The Tovolo is handy when using a food processor or Vitamix. Flat and skinny on one side and curved on the other side for easy scraping.  The other tool is about 50 years old and belonged to my mother-in-law. I can't seem to find another one like it!  It's like a spoon, spatula, and colander wrapped in one.

Things that are making us happy right now…

Each week we will share things that may or may not be relevant to your personal chef business, but are making us happy nonetheless. Let us know what is making you happy and we will share it here in future newsletters!

  • Just this week Bonnie got another compliment on her Quinoa Kale Salad with an Orange Curry Vinaigrette recipe. It’s always nice to get a compliment, but whenever we think of this recipe, we remember the event where Bonnie featured this salad. Even though the event was promoting positive health, many had reservations about trying kale and quinoa. It became a spectator sport as we watched the adults and children with reluctant expressions transform into pure joy as they took their first bite. It just reaffirms what we talked about in the above article. As Personal Chefs, we love food, but it's our ability to bring joy to others through our food that transcends us. Good times!
  • We love this video from Serious Eats on how to seal your food without a vacuum sealer. It’s a fun little trick that could come in handy on cook dates. Click here to see the video. 

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Bonnie & Greg Goodman

Greg Goodman

Co-founder The Personal Chef Guide

Greg has over 30 years experience helping companies grow their business through technology in marketing. In 2008 Greg left the corporate world (his last position was Vice President of Web Marketing with Gateway Computers) to help small business owners realize their dreams. Greg is also a successful professional photographer and documentary film maker.

Greg has taken proven strategies in marketing, technology, and client service and applied them to the Personal Chef industry.