It's never about price.

April 17, 2017

“Hello, I would like to know the price of your service because I heard that Personal Chefs are very expensive!”


Does this sound familiar?

If not, it will. This is one of the most common questions you'll get and here's the secret.

It’s never about price.

Let me start off by acknowledging that a Personal Chef service is more expensive than a night out, and that most Personal Chefs probably can’t afford a weekly service like the one they offer.

But that’s not important here.

What’s important when you get an inquiry is to find out "WHY" they need you. They may start off with a question about pricing, but they are calling you for a reason other than pricing.

So, your challenge is to get them to talk about "WHY" before you talk about "HOW MUCH."

You can easily do this by saying:

“I’d be happy to talk about my pricing, but I offer several different services. Perhaps if I knew more about what you are looking for, I can then give you a better idea about pricing. Why are you interested in hiring a Personal Chef?”

In this response, you’ve made a commitment to talk about pricing after you learn more about their needs.

Now from here, you can get several different responses from the potential client.

  • Some may insist that you give them your pricing before they continue. When this happens, it’s a major red flag. People who are only focused on price are looking for a deal, and tend to try to negotiate on fees. These type of clients will most likely move on when they find someone cheaper. Just be wary of taking on one of these clients. It seldom works out well.
  • Others will appreciate you asking about their challenges, and share that they desperately need a Personal Chef but are not sure they can afford it. They may struggle with health challenges, dietary needs, or a desire for more family time. Once you understand your potential client’s fundamental challenge, you can talk about your pricing with context. 

    For instance, you could say, “I understand that your doctor wants you to eat healthier. I could prepare a weekly meal service for you and your family with a heart-healthy menu featuring a mix of plant based options for $350/week. Many of the families that I cook for want to eat better, but either don’t have the time or knowledge to plan and prepare healthy meals week after week. Is this something you would be interested in?”
  • Some may have trouble talking about what they want. These inquiries can be more challenging because you need to draw it out of them. Usually, after asking a few questions about how they are currently eating and what they would like to see, you can get at their fundamental challenge. 

The bottom line is to remember that someone is contacting you because they have a fundamental problem and NOT because they are just interested in your pricing. Getting to their fundamental issue shows that you care about them which is the first step in forming a lasting relationship. Conversely, lasting relationships are never built on price when you are selling a service. They are built on trust, caring, and a deep commitment to making their lives better.

So, the next time you get that call about pricing, lean in and make an impact by creating that connection - be the answer to their fundamental challenge.

-Greg Goodman

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  • The Guardian, has this really fun photo essay on the kitchens of famous food bloggers and writers. These kitchens really tell a story. You can view the article here.

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Greg Goodman

Co-founder The Personal Chef Guide

Greg has over 30 years experience helping companies grow their business through technology in marketing. In 2008 Greg left the corporate world (his last position was Vice President of Web Marketing with Gateway Computers) to help small business owners realize their dreams. Greg is also a successful professional photographer and documentary film maker.

Greg has taken proven strategies in marketing, technology, and client service and applied them to the Personal Chef industry.